ACS-3000 Frequently Asked Questions

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ACS 3000 faq

How much time is recommended per treatment every day?

Our Recommended Schedule is:
Week 1: 10 Minutes per day

Week 2: 20 Minutes per day

Week 3: 30 Minutes per day

Is this used with eyelids close?

Yes, eyelids close

Does the current bypass the cornea?

Yes, The current affects the entire visual system, meaning the retina, optic nerve and the brain all the way to the visual cortext

Can the treatment with this device also improve brain function ?

Yes, It can. Because this device works entirely visual system that includes the brain. Remember that the brain is what sees. So anytime we do current therapy or electrotherapy or laser therapy We're working with visuals system with our treatments. We are absolutely affecting the brain activity specifically when we work with the eyes, we're working with the visual cortex.

Does the unit function the same microstim 100 which is I MCS 100 ILE?

Yes, the microstimulation is based on some of Joe Rosens work. The acs300 is a unique device designed by us based on studies we did and we find it gets a little bit better result in our clinic.

Where can I order more eyes sponges?

You can go to Eye Health Institute

Does the ACS the same as receiving an electric pulse during acupuncture?

No, The ACS is an alternating current stimulation. It's a form of micro-current. The electro acupuncture runs mili current not a micro current.

Is the ACS-3000 a replacements for my acupuncture treatments?

Not really. We recommend this is an adjuctive therapy. Although it can be used as an isolated treatment if your taking supplements and using other diet lifestyle improvements. You will see the greatest improvement using this with acupuncture, supplements and lifestyle changes.

How effective is the ACS 3000 for treatments of advanced glaucoma?

It's very effective for glaucoma. What was done for alternating current stimulation in Germany was for the Optic nerve. It will definitely help get blood flow and nerve firing of the optic nerve without question. The ACS is going to help wake up the dormant optic nerve cells and also help the migration of new stem cells and nerve growth factors to the optic nerve repair and regeneration of those optic nerve cells that are damaged.
Optics cells that are dead or scarred over where there's fibrosis not too much can be done.
However that said, we can still work on the brain functions of Neuroplasticity to optimize the residual brain function.

How exactly do you use ACS 3000?

You simply put on the headband with the electrodes and turn on the machine. Once you purchase the ACS 3000 you automatically get an email response with a video of how to use it. You can also join the Facebook group that has all our instructional videos.

Im legally blind no central vision. Will this treatment Help me?

Yes. theres is no problem with that. Definitely can help improve visual acuity - that's the central vision.
**The only time would say that this is not worth giving a try for those has seizures, or those very susceptible to migraine headache, epilepsy or an active brain tumor.

Where do we find the training for the ACS-3000 device on the website.? Do you have a YouTube recording?

We have all the training videos on our member's area on the website.

Shall I stop taking turmeric or ginger because they’re blood thinners?

Its fine because the ACS wont necessarily cause bleeding. the concern would be those on high-dose prescription blood thinners.

Could a person who is severely visual impaired with central visual loss get improvement?

Yes, it's definitely worth trying because you may see some improvement and this device will not cause damage.

Can I use this machine if I have AMD and am receiving injections?

Yes, no problems with injections if they want to use ACS Therapy.

Will this help progressive myopia and macular degeneration?

Absolutely. It stimulates the Brooks membrane that helps the body to break down any ocular waste products.

How long should I continue treatments?

We recommend daily treatment for 8 to 15 months.

Is it okay for kids who have partial optic nerve atrophy?

Yes. This treatment was originally designed and created for optic nerve degeneration. Whether it's optic nerve atrophy, glaucoma and optic stroke. We use this treatment in clinic on children.

Does it help with optic neuritis vision loss?

Absolutely. The ACS will help the nerve conduction that keeps the eye and optic nerve healthy.

Has it shown success improving circulation and reducing drusen with intermediate dry macular generation?

Absolutely. The ACS will help the nerve conduction that keeps the eye and optic nerve healthy.

Will this machine use help with diabetic retinopathy?

Yes. With diabetic retinopathy and macular edema. Diabetic retinopathy has the fastest response of all eye cases.

Do you recommend continuing acupuncture along with it?

Yes, The case is to use adjunctively while you're getting acupuncture treatment for your vision is a home therapy.