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From: Dr. Andy Rosenfarb

World-Renown expert in Chinese medical ophthalmology and naturopathic ophthalmology.

Dr. Rosenfarb has helped over 10,000 people from over 50 difference countries recover and preserve vision.


You’re Eyes Weren’t Designed For Today’s World

There’s nothing worse than failing eyesight.  Whether you’ve got a degenerative eye disease that is deemed incurable by doctors, or you’re just getting to an advanced age, vision loss is one of the worst things that can happen to you.

And no matter what, on a long enough timeline everyone’s vision will start to deteriorate
We process so much of our world through our eyes, be it our favorite books, shows, sports.
Or even more the face of a loved one when we make them smile.
Losing our vision often times means losing some of the biggest things that bring us joy.
And really, it’s not your fault.
Our eyes haven’t changed much physiologically for thousands of years…
But our world has changed a lot!
Think about how 30 years ago there were very few computers, no smart phones and so many less TV’s per house.
Add to that the usage of LED light bulbs lately – you can’t even barely find the old incandescent style anymore!
We are also more stressed as a society than ever, and if you ask any doctor they will tell you that stress makes the body less able to heal itself.
All this means that the eyes are under a new constant type of stress that frankly, they were not designed to handle.
And in turn eye sight is getting worse.
My mission it to make sure your vision stays at it’s peak level no matter what.
I know many of my patients that have ended up losing jobs because they are unable to see the things they used to, and often times losing the ability to drive.
Now, even if you have been stricken with a degenerative eye disease there are steps you can take to preserve the vision you have left and often times regain the health back to your eye for improved results.
Since opening my practice I have used multiple therapies for people like you to assure your eyesight stays strong for as long as possible.
And along the way I have found that there are things that can help you in the long run, even if you aren’t one of my active patients…
The Best Kept Secret For 4000 Years

In China over 4,000 years ago they discovered a way to harness the body’s own energy to aid in general health and longevity.


This is known as QiGong (‘Chee-Gong’)

Qi: Energy – the vital life force that is inside of anything that is living
Gong: Work – to train, exercise
After studying with a QiGong master in China I was able to take his teachings and condense them into a short 20 minute daily routine combined with acupressure points to stimulate eye health.
Over 20 years I’ve been perfecting this practice and sharing it with the patients that come into my office, so they had the power to keep their eyes healthy from home.
Now I’ve decided to share these secrets with you.


Acuvision Eye QiGong For Eye Health
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In this 4 part on-demand video series I walk you through my whole eye QiGong system that I have perfected over the past years.
In the videos you will discover:

Video 1: Warm Up and Intro:

  • Progressive relaxation trick to keep yourself centered and focus on healing.
  • How to remove the stressful energy out of your neck and shoulders.
  • The proper way to breath to cultivate the most energy (most people do this wrong)

Video 2: Beginner lessons

  • The one finger method that strengthens your visual focus.
  • How to move like a clock to turn back time on your vision.
  • The 6 Exercises to create “infinite vision”
  • The advanced technique to increase fluid in the eyes

Video 3: Advanced Lessons

  • Why heart coherence is so important for eye health
  • What a QI Ball is and how to harness it
  • The proper way to store Qi energy

Video 4: Acupressure

  • The secret technique of DAO YIN massage
  • The 4 acupressure points to stimulate healing and blood-flow to your eyes
  • Bonus: techniques from a QiGong master to multiply your results
  • The best way to “close” the Qi energy and concentrate it in your body

Video 5: Flow

  • This video recap takes you through the whole process in one seamless video
  • 20 minutes a day with this will give your eyes the healing and blood-flow to keep them healthy and your vision strong.
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