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We Use A Three Tiered Approach To Help You With Vision Issues


Our goal is to open your eyes to exactly how your condition works so you can understand the best next step...


Everyone is different and each condition requires a specific program.  We help you find exactly what will work best...


There are ongoing things you can do to keep your eyes at their best, just like an athlete trains to be at their best...

ACS-3000: At Home Vision Recovery

Discover the at home Frequency Specific Alternating Current Micro Stimulation System.

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Retinitis Pigmentosa

Macular Degeneration


Stargardt's Syndrome

Top Treatments Our Patients Love

In Clinic Intensives

Many of our patients request the best most effective treatments and they opt to come to our in person intensive appointments.  Where over a number of days you will undergo treatments in our New Jersey office.  Click Here to get started

At Home Treatments ACS-3000

Yes You can get vision recovery from the comfort of your home!  Check out the all new ACS-3000 at home vision recovery system and see what you've been missing.

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Eye Support Supplements

Our team works to create or find the best supportive eye supplements that will give you the greatest effect.

Check out our online store here to see all of the different options.

Online Support and Online Education

Knowledge is power.  So we strive to educate on different eye conditions that may be effecting you.  That way you are educated on what will be the next best step to help you preserve your vision.

We also create trainings for practitioners and patients alike with everything from at home eye exercises to special meditations to reduce the stress that prevents you from healing your eyes effectively.
If you're just getting started make sure to check out our Eye QiGong protocol.

Our Founder

Dr. Andy Rosenfarb

Dr. Andy Rosenfarb has been treating degenerative eye disorders since 1997, using an integrated approach that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine and new cutting-edge therapies to improve vision and maintain eyesight for patients worldwide who suffer from blinding eye diseases.

His individualized treatment protocol combines the latest advances in micro acupuncture, acu-laser therapy, electro-acupuncture and auricular acupuncture with functional medicine (medical history, blood and diet analysis, lifestyle and nutritional counseling) to address underlying conditions and promote whole-body health.


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