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ACS-3000 *In Office Orders*


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Product Description

The Only At Home Frequency Specific Alternating Current Micro Stimulation Unit.
Developed By Dr. Rosenfarb in 2019

They’ve Had it Wrong All This Time.

For the past 50+ years mainstream medical has been peddling a bit of a misnomer about eye and brain health.

It’s been believed that once a cell dies there is nothing you can do about it.

And this leads to many people who suffer with “irreversible” conditions that progress and steal the best years of their lives…

But before I release what the new science has proven let’s talk quickly on

The Three Main Factors That Decrease Eye Health:

No matter the type of eye condition or disease you may be experiencing there are only three main factors that contribute to 80% of visual decline:

  • Poor Circulation
  • Inflammation
  • Oxidative Stress

If you’ve gone through any of my trainings you know these are the three main pillars we repair to bring your eyes back to their optimal health.

It has Been Longly Believed That Ocular Nerve Cells Are Either Dead or Alive – New Science Is Proving This Isn’t The Whole Picture…

We’ve proven through our clinical studies and in office results that even cells that were thought to be “dead” magically can come back to life.

But that begs the question, were they really dead in the first place?

We’ve found the answer is no, because there are actually four stages of ocular nerve cell dysfunction:

  • Normal Cells
  • Dormant Cells
  • Damaged/Sick/Abnormal Cells
  • Dead/Scar Tissue/Fibrosis Cells

And the most important thing to realize is some of these cells just need a “Jump Start” To get back to normal function.

Just as when a patient suffers a heart attack they use a defibrillator to get the heart moving again in the proper rhythm we can also do that with ocular nerve cells…

Solving The Riddle Of NEURO-REGENRATION & Neuroplascicity

Over the past 25 years of study and clinical trials we have determined the latest most effective way to activate and re-activate the ocular nerve cells to bring them back to a state of performance.The key lies is when and how the nerve cells are stimulated – literally prompting them to reactivate.

Previous work had studied a multitude of different frequencies, currents, types of electricity and many other factors.

However, we have clinically proven what is currently the most effective treatment for you, and we’ve packaged those results into a device that you can use at home…

Included In Your Order Today:

  • ACS-3000 Unit
  • ACS-3000 Home Training
  • 100ml Saline Solution
  • ACS-3000 Accessory Pack
  • 1 Year Warranty on Manufacturing defects.

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Weight 23 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 6.5 × 2.5 in