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Dr. Rosenfarb's Eye QiGong:


Video 1: Warm Up and Intro:

  • Progressive relaxation trick to keep yourself centered and focus on healing.
  • How to remove the stressful energy out of your neck and shoulders.
  • The proper way to breath to cultivate the most energy (most people do this wrong)
  • 2

    Video 2: Beginner lessons

  • The one finger method that strengthens your visual focus.
  • How to move like a clock to turn back time on your vision.
  • The 6 Exercises to create "infinite vision"
  • The advanced technique to increase fluid in the eyes
  • 3

    Video 3: Advanced Lessons

  • Why heart coherence is so important for eye health
  • What a QI Ball is and how to harness it
  • The proper way to store Qi energy
  • 4

    Video 4: Acupressure

    • The secret technique of DAO YIN massage
    • The 4 acupressure points to stimulate healing and blood-flow to your eyes
    • Bonus: techniques from a QiGong master to multiply your results
    • The best way to "close" the Qi energy and concentrate it in your body


    Video 5: Flow

    • This video recap takes you through the whole process in one seamless video
    • 20 minutes a day with this will give your eyes the healing and blood-flow to keep them healthy and your vision strong.

    Customer stories


    The pace was perfect, this is definitely something I'm working into my normal daily routine.


    Thank you Dr. Andy!  Finally something I can do at home to feel proactive on my treatments


    Besides the obvious of helping my eyes, I noticed that I feel calmer and less stressed on days I do the QiGong.

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