How You Can Start Healing Your Eyes From Home,

Even If The Doctors Said “There’s Nothing You Can Do”

Start Recovering Your Vision
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From the comfort of your home.

What To Expect.

  • Use The ACS-3000 at home treatment program to start awakening dormant cells - which can have a great effect on improving your vision
  • No longer will you have to wonder when your vision is going to keep getting worse since you will be proactively protecting and assisting your eyes in repair
  • Many of our patients experience side effects of a better mood, sense of calm, and brighter outlook on their future.

How It Works

  • The system awakens dormant photoreceptor cells using specific micro-current frequencies.
  • The ACS will stimulate the release of nerve growth factors to encourage your ocular nerve cells to start repairing
  • We will be increasing the local stem cell activity for repair and regeneration of new cells

Important Disclosure

Please understand that everyone does get different results based on many factors.

Our patients who have seen the best improvement made sure to do the ACS treatment following the schedule we recommend. 

We will be sending you at home vision tests so you can track the improvement of your vision.  We also recommend doing tests with your eye doctor as they can be more detailed and accurate.  


As soon as you complete your order you will be able to start making changes that can impact your vision.  You will be guided through you new members area that has guides on getting started.

We will ship out your new ACS-3000 unit within two business days via USPS so you can expect it within two weeks.

After you receive it you should be all ready to get started, the great news is you only need to use it once per day for about 20 minutes to start seeing the effects.


The investment for the ACS-3000 unit is only $2499

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Notice - Offer Expires Soon!

Because we want to make sure everyone gets the care they need we are only releasing 100 ACS-3000 units each month.

There is no better time to start preserving and recovering your vision at home.

And you're able to start at a fraction of the cost of coming into the clinic

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You missed out!

Seeing Is Believing...

Vision recovery & preservation with
frequency specific alternating current stimulation

Here are just a few examples of before and after images of patients eyes - More Bright Colors Like Green Are better.

Our Studies Have Shown:

Improved Cellular Activation
Reported Improvement
Visual Acuity Improvement


The Frequency Specific “ACS 3000”
for Clinic & Home Use

The At Home Frequency Specific Alternating Current Micro Stimulation Unit.  
Developed By Dr. Rosenfarb in 2019

The Clinical Effects of The ACS-3000:


Awakens Dormant Photoreceptor Cells

  • "Rebooting" those cells to start capturing more light for vision


Stimulates The Release of Nerve Growth Factors

  •  Enticing your ocular nerve cells to start growing and repairing
  • 3

    Increases Local Stem Cell Activity for Repair & Regeneration

    • Increased stem cell activity is related to new cell generation and repair


    Organizes Neuro-Coherence of Nerve Signaling

    • Prevents "invalid signals" that confuse the brains optical processing


    Promotes Parasympathetic Response

    •  Calming your nervous system - a system cannot regenerate when it's not in a place of rest


    Increases Neuroplasticity: Rewiring & Firing To Optimize Remaining Visual System

    • You're brain can re-wire itself to create new pathways and improve over past function


    Facilitates Repair Of The Ocular Vascular System

    • Better blood flow is one of the keys of ocular health.


    Helps Maintain the Ocular Microbiome

    • Your eyes, as your gut, have a specific biome that is optimal

    Patient Results


    90% of patient show objective measurable improvement.


    70-80% reported subjective improvements.

    NOTE: Some patients are not aware of changes since they are not major.  Some are early stage and do not perceive improvements.

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    Can ACS-3000 Help Me?

    Common neurovascular Eye Conditions that ACS can help

    • •Macular Degeneration (wet & dry)
    • Stargardt’s Disease
    • Glaucoma
    • Retinitis Pigmentosa
    • Usher’s Syndrome
    • Optic Neuritis (MS)
    • Optic Nerve Atrophy
    • Diabetic Retinopathy

    Who should not use ACS?

    • Seizure Disorders
    • Epilepsy
    • Metastatic Brain Tumors
    • Uncontrolled Eye Pressure
    • Caution with Frequent, severe Migraines


    The ACS-3000 is SAFE & EFFECTIVE with no known, negative side effects - However you should always consult your physician to confirm if its right for you.

    Be One Of The First to Get Access to the ACS-3000

    Get Yours now For Only $2499!

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