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MA48 Ignition – Online MA48 Certification Class


Product Description

Includes Micro Acupuncture 48 certification and Advanced

Discover How to Use The Once Secret “Micro Acupuncture 48” Treatment Program to Unleash The Power Of Healing in Our Micro Acupuncture 48 Certification Program…

For a decade and half, I have received hundreds of inquires and requests to share the knowledge and protocols inside the relatively new system called Micro Acupuncture 48.

There has been much controversy around this “Secret Acupuncture System” and up ’til now, only a few have had the privilege to learn it.

I was lucky to be among a small group of individuals to get first-hand training. I even had to wait two years before I was invited to learn. The cost was extremely high and I paid upwards of $50,000 to acquire this specialize knowledge over back in the early 2000’s.

MA 48 has tremendous value and it has helped me to help thousands of patients from all around the world.

One thing I have learned in over 20 years of practice that the single best investments are those in myself and my personal development.

There is no better business strategy then to increase your professional value by investing in you!

Become one of the few to experiance the FIRST certification class ever offered in the Micro Acupuncture 48 system. MA 48 was first developed in Europe in the 1980’s to treat pain and arthritis and was also found to be extremely beneficial for ophthalmic diseases.

I have spent over 15 years advancing and further developing this amazing new system which was released with the launch of “The Black Book of Micro Acupuncture” in February 2017.

There is very limited seating for this course so register now if you are fully committed.

Upon completion of the course YOU will be able to:
  • Understand the MA 48 System
  • Understand Proper Implementation and how These points are different from traditional points.
  • When to use and when not to use MA48
  • How to quickly diagnose and treat acute eye problems with MA48
  • Easily attract new clients, while providing them better results
  • Be certified to use MA48 and charge your patients more for doing so
  • And Much More…

Advanced Micro Acupuncture 48: Masters Training

Advanced MA48 training includes the distribution of advanced MA48 protocols (for eye conditions, pain, and others) – as well as advanced treatment strategies to increase skill set and clinical results.

Emphasis will also be on creating treatment plans, using vision testing, report of finding, managing challenging cases, networking with doctors, marketing advertising, attracting new patients and patient retention.

This event is for those who are serious about having the Three Freedoms that your practice should be providing you: Freedom of Time, Freedom of Income and Freedom of Full Expression.

We will also have some needling practice to refine your MA48 needling skills.

This event has extremely limited space and is available (first come first serve) to those who have completed the certified training and are CMA48 credentialed.

Upon completion of the course YOU will be able to:
  • Master the MA 48 System
  • Understand Proper Implementation of treatment plans
  • Optimizing Your Practice for the 3 freedoms
  • Easily attract new patients, while providing them better results
  • Provide more value to your patients and charge more for doing so
  • And Much More…


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