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Never Before Released At Home Treatment For Degenerative Eye Conditions...

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How Science Of Cells Is changing

Recent studies are showing how cells particularity in the ocular zone, that were thought to be "dead" are now being revived with new technology - and how underperforming cells can be re-energized.

The Three Pillars of Eye health

A table won't stand with only 2 legs, if you're deficient in any of the three main pillars of ocular health your eyes have a greatly decreased chance of regenerating.  Find out how to make sure you're improving each area.

The New Science Of NeuroPlasticity:

We are now seeing that the brain and nerve cells can be rewired, recreated, and the human body constantly thrives to find a way to work properly and repair injuries.  All we need to do is make sure we're giving it the proper building blocks and stimulation.

Dr. Andy Rosenfarb

Founder: Eye Health Institute & Acuvision Acupuncture

Dr. Andy Rosenfarb has been treating degenerative eye disorders since 1997, using an integrated approach that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine and new cutting-edge therapies to improve vision and maintain eyesight for patients worldwide who suffer from blinding eye diseases.

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